The Stolen Sky // Review

Title: The Stolen Sky
Author: Heather Hansen
No. of pages: e-book; 298
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopian
Publisher: Skyscrape
Publication Date: December 5, 2017
Date Read: June 10, 2018
Second book in the Split City Series


Arden and Dade are running for their lives from a city on fire; they’re wounded, desperate, and shadowed by two families who want them dead. But it’s Dade’s debt to a devious crime lord that plunges them further into danger—especially with their mining planet in chaos…

The ruling Solizen have grown more calculating, while the Undercity population remains trapped in the darkness below. With the supply of life-saving VitD wiped out, the rebellion is ready to erupt at any moment.

Now, Arden and Dade reluctantly join a new team on a hazardous operation to infiltrate the Solizen’s most protected facility. Caught up in the uncertainty of shifting allegiances and suspicious allies, their relationship will be put to the test. But to carry out their dangerous mission, the teens must rely on their love more than ever—will it be enough to keep them alive? (Goodreads)


The Stolen Sky was a really great read. If you’ve read my review of The Breaking Light, you’ll know that I wasn’t all too keen on picking this one up. Mainly because the first one was a bit iffy for me. But I’m really glad that I picked this one up and kept reading.

This book picks right up where the first ones drops off. Dade and Arden have just left the fight in the warehouse and Arden is dangerously hurt. Once they find a place to recuperate, Dade makes a deal with this dude Crispen to free Saben from whatever deal he made. Mina, the weapons dealer from book one, ended up being the one to save Dade from near death and comes to make good on the favor that he owes her for saving his life. As Dade and Arden try to work with Mina and her crew to pull off this grand heist of hers, a lot of things come to the forefront that they weren’t expecting. Friends become enemies, family becomes lost and found, loyalty turns to betrayal, and love may just not be enough to keep anyone together when everything tries to tear them apart.

I really liked that something was happening in every aspect of this book. There wasn’t a moment where it lulled or gave a sense that everything was okay for them moment. They’re world is literally turning to crap and every aspect of this book showed that. From the govies posing curfew and extra raids and security, to showing how Clarissa is now practically under lock and key for her supposed knowledge of Dade’s “death,” to Saben’s family living in conditions that aren’t really safe, to Arden sneaking into the Lesairs hideout and seeing the turmoil that the gang has become. It literally shows how perilous their world has actually become. And how much more they’ll have to work at staying alive.

I also really liked the growth seen in Dade and Arden’s relationship. It may not look much like growth because of all the secrets that they were keeping from each other. Also, because there were times of constant fighting. But, I appreciated the fact that they didn’t nudge away from the fact that it was happening. They both acknowledged it, talked about it, and had actual conversations instead of ignoring the problems and wishing it would disappear. They had each others backs and were each other’s teammate. They understood that they only had each other. And I absolutely loved that they both realized that they wanted more for each other and wanted a life together away from all of the destruction around them. They wanted to survive and have each other then live the life they were living without each other. Gosh. They cute.

I also really liked the introduction of the other characters that came to the forefront and had major character arcs in this. When we first met Mina in the first book, it was a brief glimpse of this mysterious weapons dealer. This book I felt fleshed her and her crew out. We learned a bit into how they worked more like a family than a gang, which was completely different than how Arden’s family worked. We met Crispen who is definitely a shady character, but I feel like we’ll learn a lot more about him in the third book.
This book toward the end gripped me. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted more. I can’t wait until the third installment of this series comes out to see where Dade and Arden’s journey leads them next.

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