March 2018: Middle-Earth March // Tookish Candle Co.

I’m super excited to post about this box, because I absolutely adore Casi’s candles. And again, I’m completely taken back by this box because it is AMAZING. Tookish Candle Co. is seriously one of my favorites accounts/candle co.

March’s box was:Β Middle-Earth March. It was inspired by all things Middle-Earth and Tolkein.


In this months box:

  • Dark Mountain Candle: ash, stone, and fur (Mount Doom inspired)
  • White Tree Candle: fig, sandalwood, and cotton tree (White Tree of Gondor inspired)
  • Featured artist who created the labels and art prints included is @in.the.reads
  • Extra item: Wooden Bookmark created by @in.the.reads

I love Tookish Candle Co. and Casi’s creations. I’m trying to hold off lighting them to save them. They smell that good. The bookmark is also super great. Normally, the wooden bookmarks that I’ve found are thick and don’t normally stay where I place them in my books. This one is super thin, but durable. I love it! If you get a chance to purchase a box from Casi, know that you’re getting one that a LOT of thought and care has been put into.


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