hp readathon // prisoner of azkaban

hello y’all!! so for the past few months i’ve been re-reading the harry potter series as part of a readathon with @zoeehreads on instagram. today was the start of the third book: prisoner of azkaban.Β 

when i was younger, i was never allowed to read this series, and about two years ago i finally picked up the books and fell in love with them. out of all the books, this one is probably my third favorite. they’re all my favorite, but this is probably winning for the third spot.

the one thing i loved in this book when i first read it was that harry finally seemed to finally have that “father figure” for the first time since losing his own father. adding lupin to the story, knowing that he was connected to james potter, harry’s talks with him, and, because this is a re-read, the importance that he will play in the future, it all starts in this book.

yes, sirius as harry’s godfather plays a super huge part in the books later, but in this one we don’t really know that he’s on harry’s side until the end. by that point, you’re already super wary of him, and it doesn’t really show how he’s because the father figure until book 5.

also, how can you not love buckbeak? that poor hippogriff and probably my favorite fantastic beast because of this book.

for me, this book is the one that starts to turn the tone of the series. the first one introduced the reason why harry was an orphan, the second introduced more of the person behind it, the third introduces the reason why harry’s family was found on that fateful night. it shows the bounds that loyalty has and that turning your back on those that trust you do have consequences. but it also shows how friendship and love can strengthen relationships and build trust that you thought was once lost.

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