Favorite Books of 2018

2018 was a great year for reading. So many new books were released by new and returning authors. The covers were gorgeous and the stories were intriguing. This year alone, I was able to read quite a few books by newer authors, authors that I had already loved, and a few audiobooks. The genres are all over the place from inspirational to poetry to contemporary to science fiction and fantasy. I’ve loved this past year of reading and of getting to share those books with you!

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the books of 2017 //

Every year since 9th grade, I’ve kept a list of every book I’ve ever read. This is just the ones from this year, but I’d love to share them with you all. The majority of these books are books that I wanted to read.  There are a few on here that are textbooks for classes that I took my last semester of college, so if a few seem out of place, that would be why. Also, since I didn’t create this blog until November, I didn’t get to review well over half of them. So, without further comment — here are the books of 2017! Continue reading “the books of 2017 //”