The Nobody People || Review

Title: The Nobody People
Author: Bob Proehl
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction
Publisher: Del Rey Books
No. of pages: Hardcover, 496
Publication Date: September 3, 2019
Date Read: September 17, 2019
Rating: 4.5/5


When a group of outcasts with extraordinary abilities comes out of hiding, their clash with a violent society will spark a revolution—or an apocalypse..

Avi Hirsch has always known his daughter was different. But when others with incredible, otherworldly gifts reveal themselves to the world, Avi realizes that her oddness is something more—that she is something more. With this, he has a terrifying revelation: Emmeline is now entering a society where her unique abilities unfairly mark her as a potential threat. And even though he is her father, Avi cannot keep her safe forever.

Emmeline soon meets others just like her: Carrie Norris, a teenage girl who can turn invisible . . . but just wants to be seen. Fahima Deeb, a woman with an uncanny knack for machinery . . . but it’s her Muslim faith that makes the U.S. government suspicious of her.

They are the nobody people—ordinary individuals with extraordinary gifts who want one only thing: to live as equals in an America that is gripped by fear and hatred. But the government is passing discriminatory laws. Violent mobs are taking to the streets. And one of their own—an angry young man seething with self-loathing—has used his power in an act of mass violence that has put a new target on the community. The nobody people must now stand together and fight for their future, or risk falling apart.

The first book of a timely two-part series, The Nobody People is a powerful novel of love and hope in the face of bigotry that uses a world touched by the fantastic to explore our current reality. It is a story of family and community. It is a story of continuing to fight for one another, no matter the odds. It is the story of us.


I was given this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I first saw this on NetGalley, the cover seemed interesting. Then I read the synopsis and I knew that this was a book that I had to read. Today our society is enthralled with superheroes and villains that have extraordinary abilities. We love to read about and watch movies about people like Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man who gain abilities that we could only dream of. We love to see the impossible become possible and see heroes rise in order to save the world. The Nobody People is just another way of those impossibilities becoming true, only instead of being set aside and looked up to, those that display abilities are ultimately looked at as other and looked down upon. This story goes through a roller coaster of emotions and tells a story unlike any other. 

The Nobody People follows the stories of millions told through the eyes of four main people: Avi, Fahima, Carrie, and Owen. Avi is a freelance journalist injured in Afghanistan approached to write an article about the existence of those with Abilities. Fahima is a teacher at a school created to help those with Abilities learn how to control them. Carrie is a student at the school when we first meet her and has the ability to disappear. Owen has the ability to turn things into Null and uses it… often. When the news that there are people among the population that exist with these abilities, it’s a brand new thing with the common consequences: people think it’s the best thing and are jealous or they think it’s the worst thing and are frightened.

Within this book, we see each of these characters navigate what it means for them now that the news is out there in the world. This book is full of surprises, twists, turns, and storylines full of hope and heartbreak. We can also see parallels of what it means to be different in our society today and often those with differences can quickly turn into ‘less than.’ 

Proehl has created something that truly kept me on edge. I couldn’t get enough of these characters, their story, and the world similar to our that he has written. I can’t wait to read the next installment in this duology.

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