Legend || Book Review

Title: Legend (Dragonrider Legacy #3)
Author: Nicole Conway
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Dragons
Publisher: Month9Books
No. of pages: Kindle, 355
Publication Date: May 7, 2019
Date Read: June 29, 2019
Rating: 4/5


In a war of gods and tyrants, the will of the dragonrider must never falter.

Captured and tortured by the brutal tyrant, Argonox, Reigh’s worst fears have now been realized. Argonox has successfully twisted his mysterious dark power for a truly evil purpose—reanimating the long-deceased legendary dragonrider, Beckah Derrick, and her monstrous king drake. But Argonox’s cruelty won’t end there, and Reigh fears the worst is yet to come. Rescue is unlikely as the Tibrans prepare to make their final strike, poised to break Maldobar’s ranks of proud dragonriders once and for all.

With many of its cities already captured by the Tibran Empire, all hope now rests with Jaevid, Princess Jenna, Phillip, and their mismatched band of dragonrider allies to lead the last stand and save their kingdom. Even in such frightful times, Jaevid may find he still has a few old friends ready to take up their weapons and stand at his side again. But facing down Beckah is perhaps the one thing that might break Jaevid’s resolve. Can he really strike down the woman he used to love in order to save the kingdom?

One final battle will decide the fate of our heroes. Can the strength dragonrider prevail once again? Or will the Tibran Empire become Maldobar’s new legacy?


Many thanks to Month9Books for sending me an early e-copy of this book to review! Unfortunately, due to family things, I was unable to read it as soon as I would have liked. But, life happens. And I’ve finally had a chance to read it. Again, Conway has written one heck of a fantastic adventure. 

Legend picks up basically where Harbinger leaves off. Reigh has found Aubren and in trying to escape with him, they both get captured by Argonox. With Reigh having the power of a divine, Argonox takes the opportunity to use some of Reigh’s power to raise the dead to help the Tibran troops against Maldobar. Argonox intends on taking over the world and using Reigh to do so. When we pick up with Jenna and Jaevid, they’re in the midst of trying to pull their troops together when it becomes evident to them and the Maldobarian troops that Reigh’s power is being used to come against them. As Jenna tries to get everyone to safety along with Jaevid and the other dragonriders, they realize that they’re up against something that they’ve never come across before. Once they’ve reached ‘safety’ Jenna, Jaevid, Phillip, and some of the other dragonriders create a plan to save their kingdom, save Prince Aubren, and save Reigh. The trials and terrors that come against them are extreme and Conway continues to write brilliant scenes and epic fights that will keep you reading until the book is finished.

Again, this book was nothing but non-stop action. There was always something happening, but it also had so much character development. With the entrance of Jaevid in the last book, we didn’t truly know much about him other than he was chosen by a divine and he died protecting the kingdom. We really got a really good glimpse of him through the entrance of Beckah, the reunion with King Felix, and when Jenna enters the Vale. Jenna, Reigh, Aubren, and Phillip continue to develop over the course of this book and their interactions with each other and with others once they return to the castle. 

Also, Phillip remains to be my favorite character. Thanks.

Conway continues to show that she has a talent for action. This book was one that kept me engaged and always wondering what would happen next. I highly recommend this series and it’s one that truly is one of the best at including dragons and doing it well. If you’re looking for a great fantasy/dragon read, look no further.

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