May 2018: Once Upon A Magic Kingdom // Flick the Wick

I was super excited for ths box to get here this month by Flick the Wick. Their candles are some of my favorite and the last couple boxes I’ve gotten were absolutely gorgeous. This box was no different. I love anything Disney, so when I heard that this was the theme, I was all in. 

May’s box was: Once Upon A Magic Kingdom. It was inspired by Disney and Disney Princesses.


This box included:

  • Cinderella inspired enamel pin designed by @dreamyandco
  • Ariel Enamel Mug featuring art by @tjlubrano
  • Double-sided print featuring:
  • Double-sided bookmark featuring:
    • Pocohantas artwork by @tjlubrano
    • Anna artwork
  • Moana perfume oil (maui hibicus, wild plumeria)
  • Snow White pocket mirror featuring artwork by @kristinaskland
  • Alice poster with artwork by @ludmilacerafoce
  • Candles:
    • Belle (Freesia, Peonies, Champagne; Artwork by @tinytruc_art)
    • Mulan (Clementine, Green Tea, Jasmine; Artwork by @tinytruc_art)
    • Rapunzel (Ciolet, Gardenia, Grapefruit; Artwork by @tinytruc_art)
    • Merida (Peaches, Apples, Lemon, Lime; Artwork by @sandrawintherart)

I am stunned by how gorgeous everything in this box was. AND it included so many different princesses (and Alice lol). Everything that I’ve ever gotten from this company has been so well thought out and so well packaged. I LOVED this box. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check them out yet, I definitley encourage you to! Their upcoming box on sale now is for July, themed: On the Open Seas.

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