March 2018: Fiery redheads // shelflove crate

This month, I got two different book boxes. One from Shelflove Crate, and the other from OwlCrate. This post will be devoted to Shelflove Crate.

This isn’t the first box that I’ve gotten from them. The first was the November “Fight the Power” Box. I absolutely loved it. That’s one reason why I got this box. Another was that I figured out what book it was. I had wanted the book and figured why not get the box even though I wasn’t really sure if I loved the theme enough to get it, but I got it anyway.

March’s theme was: Fiery Redheads. This box was devoted to favorite literary/fictionalΒ redheads like Merida from Brave, Clary from The Immortal Instruments, Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King, and Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter.


Items in this month’s box:

  • Brave Wall Hanging by @StellaBookishArt with a quote from Merida — “Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.”
  • Alosa Bathbomb by @organicarellc that is cranberry scented
  • “I’d Get Sleazy for Weasley” Decal by @kdpletters (not pictured) — when I opened the box, the decal had gotten stuck on the bottom of the box for the bath bomb and was destroyed…
  • Clary Candle by @courtofcandles that is cherry, grapefruit, and lemon scented.
  • Lucien Bookmark by @Morgana0Anagrom with a quote from ACOTAR
  • Scarlet Trading Card by @Kat_Adara — The trading card is the second in an exclusive Shelflove Crate series based off of The Lunar Chronicles.
  • To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo with a signed bookplate and letter from the author

I truly only got this month’s box for the book. I wasn’t super in love with some of the items in this box, but at some point, I’ll probably have a giveaway with some of the items since they are exclusives. The wall hanging is absolutely gorgeous, and hopefully, I’ll be moving rooms soon so I’ll be ableΒ to hang it. The bath bomb smells amazing! but I’m not one to use them. The candle has a fruit punch smell that reminds me of the Capri Sun fruit punches I used to hate as a kid. I’ve bought candles from A Court of Candles before and I know I’ll order from them again, but this one wasn’t for me.

This was a great box if you’re a super fan of all these series. I was on the border of not getting this one because I wasn’t in LOVE with it, and I wasn’t super in love with it. I’ll definitely be getting more from them in the future, but it’ll have to be a box that I’m really in love with before I do.

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