before she ignites // review

Title: Before She Ignites
Author: Jodi Meadows
No. of pages: 481
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Dragons
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication Date: September 12, 2017
Date Read: December 28, 2017

  • First book in The Fallen Isles Trilogy


But I could not wait for change. I had to make change.
Aaru opened my hand, trailing his fingers from the hollow of my wrist to my palm. ::What are you thinking?::
::I’m going to help you see your family again.::
His breathing hitched, and the way his fngers grazed mine felt like a smile. ::How do we begin.::


When this book first came out, I saw many mixed reviews so I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting when I picked it up. For the first book that I’ve read from Jodi Meadows, this book for me was a showstopper.

Before She Ignites is about Mira, a girl named after a peace treaty, and treated as the Hopebearer of the Fallen Isles. When we find our girl in the book, she’s been carted off to prison for a secret that could be devastating to the Council of her Island. Throughout the book, Mira learns who she can trust; learns who she can tell her secret to; she stands up for what is right, and finds that she has a power in herself beyond what she could imagine.

Also, there are dragons.

Lots of dragons.

Jodi Meadows has intricately crafted an amazing world that brings you into the story without overwhelming you with details. I loved the outline of the book as it goes from present to past in order to fill in gaps or holes from the present so you understand further what is going on.

The characters are brilliantly well written. The relationships between Mira and the other characters are strong and you wish nothing but the best for most of the other prisoner’s. But she also gives her villains a dose of humanity, which I find sometimes lacks in novels such as these. Mira finds herself understanding people such as Altan and Elbena because at some point they have a common goal or because she once knew them and is now seeing them differently and wondering if it had always been that way. I also love the ally-ship between Mira and Aaru. I really want to see where Meadows is going to take this because I love their awkward friendship/ally-ship and really want to see further how growing up on different islands is going to affect them moving forward.

I also really appreciated how Meadows wrote Mira with anxiety and OCD. This wasn’t the first book I’ve read this year that had a character with anxiety, but I love seeing more and more books talk about it and make it known. The way that Mira’s anxiety and OCD present was extremely accurate; her endless counting, the panic attacks that left her weak, her anxious thoughts and spirals were ways of coping that many see as acting, but in reality, they’re crippling to those dealing with it.

This book is intriguing and action-packed. It had friendships, and secrets, and even a tiny smidgen of romance. It shows that power can be found within oneself. It showed that standing up for the right thing is always the right things, even if negative consequences happen; don’t lose yourself in trying to please people. I loved this book and I can’t wait to read the next one.

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