the start of something //

Hello all!

If you’ve found your way onto this blog, I’m glad to see you! The entire reason that I started this blog was to engage in the book community. I’ve always been a reader and I always loved when people gave me recommendationsΒ or when I could talk to someone about what I was reading. Β Also, meeting people who have the same feelings as me when I’m up until dawn reading a book never fails to let me know that I’m not alone — and it’s always a plus (*yay for new book friends!*)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to put all of my thoughts into posts that y’all want to read and explain my like or dislike for a book in a way that can be engaging, goes over well, and also with no spoilers.

Cause no one likes a spoiler party.


I can’t guarantee that I’ll post daily, or even weekly. But I do know that as I finish a book, I’ll post something about it.



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